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StoneTree Investment Partners Launches StoneTree Council, Comprised of Seasoned Industrial CEOs

DALLAS, March 28, 2023 / -- StoneTree Investment Partners ("StoneTree"), a leading investment management firm led by Joel Stanwood and Chris Dupré, is proud to announce the launch of the StoneTree Council. The StoneTree Council is a group of seasoned industrial CEOs who have partnered with StoneTree team members in prior investments and will collectively advise and co-invest alongside StoneTree in future opportunities.

From left to right: T.J. Rosengarth, Larry Denbrock, and Bob Weber

The initial members of the StoneTree Council are T.J. Rosengarth, Larry Denbrock, and Bob Weber. Each of them brings decades of experience investing in the industrial sector and has held successful CEO roles at fully exited private companies. As members of the StoneTree Council, they will provide invaluable insight and strategic guidance to StoneTree's investment process, helping to identify, evaluate and support industrials investments.

"We are excited to launch the StoneTree Council and have the opportunity to continue to work alongside these accomplished leaders in the industrial sector," said Joel Stanwood, co-founder and Partner of StoneTree. "T.J., Larry, and Bob have a wealth of experience and knowledge that will be incredibly valuable as we continue to grow our business and work to deliver exceptional results for our investors," added Chris Dupré, co-founder and Partner.

StoneTree's unique approach is to invest in established niche industrial companies where the firm can serve alongside employees to elevate the company. StoneTree collaboratively works to develop a clear plan -- the Business Transformation Agenda -- and then supports, develops, and invests resources, creating value for both investors and company employees. The StoneTree Council's members have been selected for their experience and success in supporting industrial businesses and will serve as valuable partners for StoneTree in identifying and evaluating potential investments in the sector.

"We are honored to join the StoneTree Council and work once more with such a talented team of investment professionals," said T.J. Rosengarth, one of the inaugural members of the StoneTree Council. "We look forward to leveraging our expertise and experience to help StoneTree identify and capitalize on investment opportunities that will deliver strong results."

SOURCE StoneTree Investment Partners LLC

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