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Sean Caetano

Vice President, Business Transformation, Advanced Manufacturing

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Focus = Industrials, Product Innovation, Advanced Manufacturing, Digital

Mr. Caetano takes a results-oriented approach to operations excellence. Yet above all else, he prioritizes building relationships with all levels of the organization to drive change. Having led across all aspects of supply chain, he brings a holistic perspective to optimizing a value chain. Prior to StoneTree, as an Engagement Manager with Deloitte Consulting, Mr. Caetano drove cost reduction, M&A integration, and business continuity through manufacturing strategy, product lifecycle digital thread, IoT asset tracking and monitoring, network optimization, and plant turnarounds across the industrials, chemicals, medical device, technology & media, and airline industries.


While at MIT, Mr. Caetano interned at American Industrial Partners (AIP) where he integrated aerospace automation IP and product architecture across portfolio companies. Prior to AIP, Mr. Caetano was an aerospace engineer where he led engineering and manufacturing teams to design and manufacture tailor-made business class cabin interiors, including designing the world’s first cantilevered business class bar.


Mr. Caetano holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Auckland, where he graduated summa cum laude, along with both a Masters in Business  Administration and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of


Fun fact: Mr. Caetano was born in South Africa, raised in Botswana, immigrated to New Zealand as a teenager, and became a US citizen three weeks before the pandemic lockdown.


In his free time, Mr. Caetano enjoys traveling internationally with his wife and two children, snowboarding, and golfing.

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