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StoneTree Investment Partners LLC ("StoneTree") is an industrials-focused private investment firm founded in 2021 by experienced operators, engineers and investors.

We selectively invest in established niche manufacturing and industrial companies where we can serve alongside employees to elevate the company.  We collaboratively work to develop a clear plan -- the Business Transformation Agenda -- and then we support, develop and invest resources.


The StoneTree Difference

Mission. We build enduring, industry-leading manufacturing and industrial businesses in the USA and Canada.  We prioritize: Customer Focus, Operational + Technological Innovation, and Investing in People.

Purpose. We believe in Investing in People.  For us, this starts with our front-line workers and their loved ones. We quantify and seek to improve: Safety, Economics, Education and Training, and we strengthen culture through Empowerment and Empathy.

Vision.  To deliver strong investment outcomes to our trusted partners, who include institutional and private investors and our employees.

Contact us to learn more about the StoneTree Difference.

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